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Seeking Game Makers

Learn video game design and coding. Express yourself in the digital world.


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Make a game in Unity.
Start your indie studio on itch.io.

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Mondays 4:00PM EDT (EdAlliance)
Tuesdays 7:00PM EDT (Yukodit)
Wednesdays 4:00PM ED (EdAlliance)


Things have changed a lot since COVID-19 hit us, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped making games. In fact, now is better than ever to express yourself through video game design!

You are invited to participate in a Make Room! inter-studio digital game making challenge. All submitted games will be released right here on the Make Room! website. And the theme for the challenge is...

Alone Together

Create a video game that plays with this theme. Through look and feel, or mechanics, your game should respond to this theme in some way.

Games are due by April 30. Submitted games will be playtested and voted on by youth game makers from other studios, your instructors, our partners at Manny Cantor Center and Yukodit, and potentially even some of the game developers here at E-Line Media. Show us your best work!

April 2020 Digital Game Making Challenge

Submit a Game



Your Make Room! instructors are broadcasting weekly Unity game making content on the E-Line Media Twitch channel. Here's the schedule:

Mondays 4:00PM EST / Tuesdays 7:00PM EST / Wednesdays 4:00PM EST

If you are a past or current game maker from Educational Alliance, join in on Mondays & Wednesdays. Yukodit game makers should join on Tuesdays.


Past Twitch casts and tutorial videos are available to browse on the Make Room! YouTube channel. New videos posted every week!


To keep track of what we're doing during each week of the game making challenge, head to our blog. Here, you'll find summaries of what we're working on here at Make Room! each week to complete games for the challenge...tutorials on the basics, like installing Unity and setting up a project...links to resources on being a great game designer...and more!


How to Create a Unity Project

Adding Collaborators to a Unity Project

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