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E-Line Media, April 30 2020

May 2020: Publish a Game

Take the Next Step

If you are a member of our online game making studio who is experienced with Unity, we are challenging you this month to polish and publish a video game.

How Do I Get Started?

To participate, you must select the game you want to polish and publish. This should be an existing First Playable or Alpha build that you worked on in the past. Let your Make Room! instructors know which game you are going to work on.

Throughout May 2020, we will guide you through topics such as:

Games are due by May 31, 2020 as a link to your itch.io page. Following May 31, we will showcase and vote on games released by studio members!

Don't Miss us on Twitch!

Your Make Room! instructors will continue live casting on Twitch three times a week:

Mondays 4PM EDT (EdAlliance)
Tuesdays 7PM EDT (Yukodit)
Wednesdays 4PM EDT (EdAlliance)

Chat with us on Twitch during these weekly broadcasts and we will answer all your questions about releasing your first video game. Each live cast covers studio updates, game making tutorials, and instructors answering your questions live. 

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E-Line Media

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