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E-Line Media, April 30 2020

May 2020: Make Games With Us!

Game Makers Wanted

Welcome to Make Room! Online. We are an online video game studio where teens learn the coding, art, and design skills to create real video games. Throughout May 2020, we are recruiting new and returning game makers to join our studio team. 

I'm Brand New

Never made a video game before? No problem! Begin your game making journey on E-Line Media's browser-based game making platform Gamestar Mechanic. Here you will learn game making basics and create a game your friends can play.

You will need a computer with a web browser. 

Gamestar Mechanic projects are due by May 31. Submitted games will be showcased on the Make Room! website where we'll take votes on best games.

I'm Coming Back

Have you made a video game in Unity with us before? Increase your Unity skills with a new project in May. You will need to install Unity on your Unity-capable PC or Mac at home and create a new Unity project.

Most desktop computers can run Unity, as can newer laptops (anything purchased within the last five years). If you have questions about your system, contact us!

Let your Make Room! instructors know you're making a Unity game and they will help you set goals for the May 31 game submission.

How Do I Join the Studio?

Your Make Room! instructors are live casting on Twitch three times a week:

Mondays 4PM EDT (EdAlliance)
Tuesdays 7PM EDT (Yukodit)
Wednesdays 4PM EDT (EdAlliance)

Join Make Room! and chat with us on Twitch during these weekly broadcasts. Each live cast covers studio updates, game making tutorials, and instructors answering your questions live. 

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E-Line Media

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