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E-Line Media, March 27 2020

The April 2020 Digital Game Making Challenge

Things have changed, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped making games. In fact, now is better than ever to express yourself through video game design! So you are invited to participate in a inter-studio digital game making challenge.

The theme for the challenge is...

Alone Together

Your task is to create a video game that plays with this theme. Whether through look and feel or mechanics, your game should respond to this theme in some way. Since we're all socially isolated in our homes, the hope is that you'll make games that explore this unique life experience during the unprecedented time of COVID-19. That doesn't mean your games need to be depressing, however! Why not make something warm, funny, or humorous? We suspect there are lots of amusing things about spending so much time at home.  

Games will be due by April 30. You'll be able to submit them right here on the Make Room! website. Your games will be playtested and voted on by youth game makers from other studios, your instructors, our partners at the Manny Cantor Center and Yukodit, and—if we’re lucky—game developers at E-Line Media. Show us your best work!

We prefer that you create a game for us using Unity. However, you may also submit a Gamestar Mechanic game, or use another platform of your choice, such as Scratch. You may submit more than one game. Team games and solo games are both allowed as well.

Below are three reference games, all free to download on http://itch.io, that should give you some inspiration for mechanics related to this theme:

Pizza Crash

"Collect pizzas, deliver them, earn tips, buy upgrades! Watch out for competing hotdog vendors - those guys are jerks." More than ever, ordering delivery is a part of life now. Why not make a game about it?

My Doll's House

"The furniture from my doll's house has gotten scattered in the forest. Collect it and place it in the house. Nothing scary about that." A haunted house-building game. If you want to go the creepy route, this is great inspiration.

Dante's Infernya

"Raise hell in your owner’s apartment as Virgil the cat, destroying everything in your path while avoiding getting caught!" Because why not make a game about being "alone together" with your annoying cat?

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E-Line Media

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